Work with Sisi

Yes, you know.. Your new clients, your raving fans are waiting!

Meet them on Instagram.


You want to find new clients, have more time to do what you love and be sure that your strategy will make you stand out. You want to gain visibility for your brand, stand out from the crowd and meet your new clients. You are ready to speed up your InstaGame.


You can do all that by working with me in three different ways or levels.




SisiClub is a supportive community with strategy-building resources, quick feedback and keep-me-on-track challenges.


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A one-stop-shop where brands and influencers work together on building their strategies. Networking, community and knowledge at your disposal at a low monthly-rate.


SocialSelling with SiSi


Understand the basics of social selling. Build the pillars of a solid Instagram strategy formulated to work towards your business goals.


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Work with other entrepreneurs in this one month online course to develop your Social Selling basic skills and get your business results closer with Instagram.


O3 with SiSi


Get 1:1 support, business-building tools on a three-months program to infuse energy and life to your social media strategy.


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A program that will get you focus, direction and the results you are seeking for.