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How to showcase events on Instagram and MBFW Madrid 15

How to showcase events on Instagram and MBFW Madrid 15

Instagram and fashion have held hands since the very beginning of the app. Back in September 2013 Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom pointed out at the London Fashion Week that Instagram was already used as a marketing platform for fashion people — A free marketing platform, with new and consolidated designers using it to get their collections out into the world. “We never set out thinking of Instagram as a platform for commerce, but in some ways Instagram is becoming that for folks in fashion,” Systrom said.

I am working on a series of posts to share ideas about how to use Instagram to market fashion with the soft-touch approach that Instagram likes. As Systrom stated

“If Instagram were full of commerce and there were ‘Buy Now!’ links everywhere and that’s all you ever had, I don’t think it would get to the true spirit of communication.”

With “communication” at the center of our strategy let’s get back to Madrid Fashion Week 2015. Last weekend I had the chance to assist the FashionBiz2.0 Awards 2015 by Samsung. With these awards FashionBiz2.0 and Samsung want to recognise the best Fashion Startup Ideas and best Fashion Apps. It was a wonderful event where organisers took special care to address the communication purpose of the meetup. The format; first a discussion panel about Fashion Startup Trends in the mobile sector, followed by fashion designer Maria Lafuente explanation’s of her collections leitmotif, ended with the giving-prized ceremony were Arturo Álvarez of app and Marta Carruesco of Bee Bee Babies were the winners.

FashionBiz20 Awards by Samsung at MBFW Madrid



Events are fun when you are there, and this one at the center of Madrid Fashion Week was full of sparkle, but it’s difficult to showcase in Instagram (or any other social media platform) the vibe and value you get when you are present. And that was exactly the challenge, the communication we wanted to achieve when I agree to collaborate with @fashionbiz20 in launching their Instagram account.

FashionBiz2.0 is a business accelerator for the fashion industry that wants to explore the intersection of fashion and technology and offer solutions, knowledge and networking to anyone interested in this exciting space. They organise monthly meetups around specific themes. The challenge was to create an event specific Instagram account that could be interesting, entertaining and also offer value not only in the day of the event but during the whole month. It should drive traffic to the event too.

I had the feeling that event specific accounts on Instagram are a little bit boring. All the pictures feel the same and I am sorry to say that they are not very engaging. So I wondered how could we offer something different? We want to give the same value anyone could get by attending the event…well, kind of.

One of the elements of the strategy was to post content about the theme of the meetup during the whole month, not only on the day of the event. On the day of the event the task was to communicate the feeling and value of the meeting.

Tip: How to convey the vibe and value of events on Instagram

To do so and be ready to create a communication stream anticipation is key. Some preparation will allow you to enjoy the event while showcasing what’s going on in it. This was part of our checklist:

  • List of the speakers and themes: with the speakers names see if they have an Instagram account
  • Do some hashtag research about the themes they are going to talk about and about the people who might be interested in listening to what they have to say
  • Organise all these information in Notes or Evernote on your phone so you can easily access to it without loosing too much time
  • Let the speakers know you plan to do a 15 seconds interview with the key message of their talk
  • Think about two or three questions you can ask the public about the talks and set how many interviews do you want to do


Paciencia y persistencia es el #FashionBiz20Tip de Andrea Garí de @trendzo nuestra ponente #emprendedora.

A video posted by Fashionbiz20 (@fashionbiz20) on


I want to thank the organisers (FashionBiz2.0 and Samsung), speakers and sponsors for these awards and events, seeds of a powerful business platform for the fashion industry in Spain. This kind of initiatives to train and connect the fashion actors are welcome and very much needed to understand and make the best out of the digital economy. Congratulations for the enterprise!

More insights about how to communicate and create value showcasing events in a following post.

To see practical examples and keep updated in the latest FashionBiz trends you can follow their account @fashionbiz20

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