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Sisi&Co is one year old, it’s time to celebrate!

Sisi&Co is one year old, it’s time to celebrate!

I always feel a lot of excitement when I start something new. Don’t you want to know how all this started?


Three years ago I was braving the notorious London weather studying at the renowned Central Saint Martins Fashion Design school. It was my dream to pair my creativity with some formal creative-skills training, to learn to set my creativity free.


So there I was, surrounded with some of the most talented and creative people I know working on my handbag collection. I was loving it. The environment, the people, the new challenges. I was surprised by my drawing skills. It was all so thrilling. I wanted to see my collection come to life and started to ask others, many with years of designing experience, how they planned to market? How they planned to tell the stories of their amazing creations?


Their answers came as a shock. We all know that many creative spirits struggle with practical matters, but come on; it’s a moral duty to share all that talent with the world. The reality was that most of these folks didn’t have a clue about how to market their creations.


I started working with a few of them in showing there’s an easy way to find their niche and communicate their story in a compelling way. At the beginning I was only giving them focus and direction.


In my search about tools to make it happen Instagram really blew my mind away. The easiness, happiness, beautiness (haha sorry I know that’s not an English world!) with the super supportive communities and organic reach of every post made me thought it’s the best platform to market business with a strong visual component.


I really set my creativity free here! ?(click to see the blog post!)


I started to investigate how brands were using social media and in particular IG. Soon I realized that there were brands really killing it while others were just there because they thought “it was good” to be on Instagram. Some were really wasting their time and resources if not damaging their own brand image.


People liked to see my picture now and then (click to check if your Instagame is consistent!)


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, before St. Martins I had a successful, 14-year business consultancy practice. I decided to marry my creative and business consulting sides together. I was really fired up. And Sisi was born! Sísí translates as yes, yes, or yes we can. I am a eternal optimist!


This year I’ve been blogging about my findings. About how amazingly innovative brands are using the power of visual communication, of visual storytelling; how are they leveraging the power of visuals to emotionally connect with their audience; how are they converting followers into clients in such a soft manner. Some brands are doing a work of art.


You see? You don’t need to market and sell to everyone. You just need to find your community (I like to think of community than audience), understand what is what they like most about you and offer them just that in a form that better represent who you are.


Community is the new black (click and learn how to build yours)


The beauty of this method is that when you do it right, even if you are marketing to a few the success is so breathtaking, it is such a win-win situation, that it quickly expands its reach.


To help my clients create the same amazing communities, communicate their awesome work in the most compelling way and sell in that beautiful fashion and style is why I went into business. Thank you for your encouragement, advice and patronage. Thank you for reading and sending questions. And thank you for making my dream come true: Sisi&Co



Let me help yours come true ❤️



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