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Make your Instagram photos stand out

Make your Instagram photos stand out

Lighting is everything in photography and on Instagram it is even more important. Bare in mind that people are going to see your pictures in their phones. That is a small screen. So anything clear, bright and easy to see will help anyone who finds your media.


How do you make your Instagram photos stand out? It is everything about  lighting on Instagram.


Using the following tools: brightness, highlights, contrasts and shadows are key to create stand out media. When the light of a picture is not perfect no matter the reason (you where indoors, it was a dark day or whatever the reason) the creative tools are just there to help you.


But some things are easy to see than to explain so watch this video to easily see how to enhance the lighting of your Instagram pictures.



If you want t to join the challenge #sisimademedoit just hashtag your super bright creations mentioning @sisiandcompany I want to see your Instagram account stand out!


The Love Bomb is a heart-shaped sculpture with a secret in its own heart, a test tube with a blank paper where you can write your love messages. Again communication, emotions so Instagram. Discover more about the Love Bomb and Felipao.


To read more about the how to make your Instagram photos stand out take a look to Instagram New Creative Tools and The Photography Basics and Instagram Ads: Shoot for Quality


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