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Interior designers and decorators, your clients are on Instagram

Interior designers and decorators, your clients are on Instagram

It comes as no surprise that Interior Design is the second highest interest area of Instagram users by sector (source Iconosquare), only behind fashion. There are two powerful reasons: First, because interior design is a highly visually attractive sector, and second because all of us love to daydream about the perfect place to live.


Because of my work with my friend and Spanish vintage furniture dealer Lucio y Romana in defining their strategy for Instagram I am not new to the power of Instagram to sell vintage furniture pieces. Their stunning account has grown from a handful to 1000 followers in six months. They are selling many of their pieces directly on Instagram.


The engagement of this picture of a bamboo trolley was 11.43%. It was sold the same day


However, despite the huge interest shown by Instagramers, I noticed that many Interior designers are missing the opportunity to build a client base on Instagram. Their followers frequently ask questions such as where can they get the pieces featured on the pictures, why don’t they do their pictures stoppable with a third app, or how to find a decorator in the client’s local area. All these demonstrate, there is a real buying intent.


Here are few steps to get you started and best practices to follow as you build a client base on Instagram for your Interior Design or Decoration business.


Instagram users are willing to buy the things they like on a picture. So if you are a brand ready engage with clients, please place a system that helps you to cover this need:

  • Place in the pictures the things you want to sell
  • Get all the information about the pieces ready, on a blog, on your web on a third app or on a simple note, so you can either refer your followers to that place where the information is or give them the information straight away
  • And be subtle. Instagram is the platform of the soft sell. It is not a catalogue; it is life style, inspiration. Once you build your community all these beautiful things will happen in your account too.


We already know what it takes for an account to be beautiful and interesting: great content. Interior designers have probably one of the most appealing, beautiful and consistent content on IG but how are they doing in the other fronts?


Best practices:

1. Inspire your clients on what they can achieve.

They have amazing photography. Great composition and lighting, a defined and exquisite style that builds consistency and it so inspiring that it immediately attracts followers. Their photography entertains, inspires and makes their followers dream. Spot on!


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 19.07.18


Consistency is the number one key component to win on Instagram because it builds trust. Several times I mentioned the importance of showcasing the unique personality, message and voice of the brand from their profile to the captions. These brands excel in showing that personality on their photography style and they have a huge opportunity to convey who they are in their bio and captions too. More about consistency here.


2. Manage your niche with Hashtags.

Just a few are making excellent use of the hashtags to place their content in front of the people that can get the most out of their accounts.

Many brands don’t put the hashtags to work towards their followers. I guess many don’t understand that without the right hashtag only their current followers will see their content, not allowing other potential followers to see the stunning work they are doing.

Recently I was told that the reason one brand was not using hashtags was because in some way they feel hashtags devalue their content. Are you one of them? It is true that using too many hashtags, using irrelevant ones or follow4follow type-of hashtags don’t make your brand any favour. I haven’t heard any brand saying, “we don’t want more exposure”, although.


Learn  how to build a good Hashtag Strategy that won’t damage your brand identity.

3. Convert your followers to clients.

Some of these accounts are driving traffic to their websites, blogs or their shops in a really subtle way, showing they really understand the platform and how it works. They are being very strategic about what they want their followers to see or to do. They are using the common call to actions in a innovative way perfectly adapted to Instagram, its followers and its rules. See the example of Home Polish.

If you want to know what can Interior decoration businesses learn from the fashion brands that have really turned Instagram into a business channel to get new clients, please read this post.


Are you using any strategy to make your business stand out on Instagram? Please leave a comment, I’ll love to learn about your techniques.

Thank you for reading. If you found this post useful, why not follow the blog for weekly musings on how to win on Instagram. Or get in touch at if you have further questions.

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