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Instagram Business Case La Vaquería Montañesa

Instagram Business Case La Vaquería Montañesa

Have you ever been to a restaurant that feels like you are in your dream home? Let me explain you how did I create that feeling in this Instagram Business Case of the Restaurant La Vaquería Montañesa.


La Vaquería Montañesa from Grupo Deluz is one of these restaurants that make you feel at your dream home. Actually, all of the restaurants of this family offer studied and impressive interiors. In any of them the organic food and sustainability play the role in creating a unique experience for your senses.


For all of the above and because Lucía and Carlos Zamora, heads of this family business group, are people of great curiosity and innovative spirit, working with them has been a superb experience.


Their innovation-driven attitude and their knowledge that 25% of their online bookings come from people who have seem them on Instagram has told them they need to be where their new clients are at, looking for inspiration, discovering new places.


When they reached out to me we talked about creating a whole visual strategy for Instagram but their business goals and challenges for 2016 demanded a different allocation of resources. They asked me to create for them a masterclass, shorter and more intense. One masterclass that taught them how to create a business account from scratch; show them the media they could utilize for publishing; how to program it; the hashtags they could use to attract their niche and boost their engagement; plus the routine to make the management of the account easy, spending the least time possible.


The results are impressive. Let me guide you to the process we’ve followed.




☐ Knowledge that 25% of online bookings of their restaurants come from people who had seen the restaurant on Instagram through media their clients have posted on Instagram.

Carlos was aware that one in four of their online bookings comes from people who have learned about them on Instagram. By that time they only had one account active on Instagram @DeluzyCia


Building and growing a whole Instagram Strategy was not a priority because of resources allocation needs.

The family was aware of the imperative necessity of having an Instagram presence for each of their restaurants.


Enough branded content and User Generated Content (UGC)

Because of the different artist capacities and artistic sense of many members of the Zamora’s family (Pablo Zamora, Lucia and Carlos’ brother, a well known and established photographer, and Maria Gorbeña, mother of all of them) and the different media coverage the group has a lot of great content.


They also have incredible and numerous UGC created by their clients, geolocated or hashtagged to their restaurants on Instagram.


La Vaquería Montañesa was opened at the end November 2016 and had more than 190 media geotagged or hashtagged by mid March.


The goal was to put into value this high quality content while creating brand awareness of their restaurants.


The project needs were clearly focused too. They wanted to create a business account for Instagram that

  • represented their values and personality
  • created brand awareness and attracted new clients
  • could be managed easily and in a minimum time
  • could attract their niche and boost their engagement ratios with ease
  • could be inspiring and fun for their clients


The solution


Although I love to work with my clients in the long term it was clear that the solution Deluz Group needed has to be short and intense, shall we say #sweetandshort. We needed to have the account up and running in one morning of work so that’s what we did.


I created a customised program for them to cover in four hours the following points


  • create an account
  • identify what makes the restaurant unique
  • create a profile bio that represents their personality and call anyone that finds them to follow their account.
  • find all their clients’ media already posted with geotagging and hashtags define how to engage with them
  • select the first nine posts and create an attractive mosaic
  • identify the selection of hashtags they need to add to attract their audience and boost their engagement
  • optimise posts
  • learn how schedule and program for a week in advance
  • weekly routine




The beautiful account of La Vaquería Montañesa has attracted 120 followers in 3 weeks with an average ratio of engagement in 36.75%.


With no interaction made by the account with their clients or followers, or the people who already share content from their premises, five of their nine posted media already have users mentioning other users to visit the restaurant.


  • They have several mentions each day “it’s my favourite restaurant in Madrid”
  • They have been tagged 15 times
  • There are 227 in their hashtag #lavaqueriamontañesa
  • 221 have been geotagged in in their premisses.


The quality of the media is simply stunning, capturing really well the vibe of La Vaquería Montañesa. That’s a winning.



Having a beautiful and engaging Instagram account with great content to raise brand awareness and attract new clients is possible if a brand has enough content and decides to spend a little time in learning the basics of Instagram for business.


Thanks so much Lucía y Carlos for allowing me to take part in the beautiful project La Vaquería Montañesa is.


If you are interested in getting your account up and running in a masterclass as the one explained above, please do not hesitate to contact me at It will be my pleasure to tell you more about it and create a programe for your adapted to your needs.


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