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How to master Instagram for Business: the power of a dream

How to master Instagram for Business: the power of a dream

Can you think of anything more powerful to find new clients than getting them to daydream about your products? In this post I like to share experiences from three top interior designers on how they make their clients daydream using Instagram.


On May 18th I was invited to speak to some of best interior designers in Spain in an event hosted for the prestigious Spanish deco fair Casa Decor that is celebrating its 50th edition. I was thrilled to be there and I want to thank again Casa Decor for this enriching opportunity.

Interior design interests two thirds of Instagram users (Instagram Study 2015 by Iconosquare). Deco accounts are beautiful, and make you dream even if you may not have a place to put their ideas into practice. They really make us fantasize.


My goal for the talk was to show these businesses how to make their followers dream on Instagram regardless of the size of the business. I wanted to show them some good examples from within the sector. To do so I contacted three deco businesses that are seeing great success in their business by mastering Instagram for business.



All of them were very generous with their time answering my questions. Here are some key highlights.


Instagram: Creating great content

The three of them agreed in the importance of great content and consistency

@homepolish “We want someone to have the same experience when landing on any of our assets, from our Instagram account to our website. At the end of the day, we want to inspire people with great design”.

@anticandchic “We only post a picture if it’s a very attractive one. If we want to show our work in a workshop but we didn’t get a good shot we don’t post about it”.

@vontrueba “It’s my favorite social network, it’s really inspiring and powerful and at the same time is quite simple to use”


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.02.25

Strategy: Drive traffic

The three of them drive and track traffic to their website.

@homepolish “We’re really happy with our ability on Instagram to get people to our site and ultimately sign up for our service. … We create special tracking links so we can then view the traffic sent, how much of it was new, how long people spent on the site, if they became clients, etc”.

@anticandchic “We create specific content to drive traffic to our blog, web or workshops. If we don’t publish in social media our web traffic drops significantly”.

@vontrueba “It’s important to create a bond between the brand and followers, making them witnesses and [be] part of the achievements”.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.27.02

Hashtags Rules

When asked about the use of hashtags, look to their answers:

 @homepolish “When we first started growing our audience we used hashtags more to find people who were interested in interior design and make our account discoverable to those same people. As we’ve gotten larger, we’ve A/B tested using hashtags but haven’t seen a difference in the engagement on those posts”.

@anticandchic “We put ourselves in our possible client’s shoes and ask ourselves which hashtag would she or he use to find a picture similar to the one we post”.

@vontrueba “One hashtag makes you more visible to thousands of people”.


A piece of advice

What kind of advice would you offer about Instagram?

 @homepolish “Test, test, test. You never know what might work for your account in particular until you test. Like most social media channels, variables are constantly changing, and so mixing it up is key. Test different types of content, different times of days, etc to see what your followers respond well to and iterate from there”.

@anticandchic “To grow our followers we followed deco bloggers and meaningfully engaged in their pictures so their followers noticed us and started to follow us”. Engaging organically and meaningfully will make your account grow”.

@vontrueba “Instagram is all about pics. Try to do your best with your media, create an identity, tell a story, create a bond with other users”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.58.07


As we discussed in Casa Decor, these three accounts have something in common that lays in the roots of their success, a clear and defined personality that they consistently show in everything they do. Any follower or potential client has the same experience no mater where they find their content. That’s consistency. That builds trust and that ultimately sells.


They are also leading their followers where they can further the relationship and convert them into clients. They are strategic about their efforts.


Finally they test the results of their strategy to adjust it when needed.


No matter the sector you are in, you can do the same as these three successful businesses.


I finished the presentation with a fun exercise to create a #StandOutBio for the audiences’ IG account and a selfie (of course!!). Join the challenge and create your own stand out bio (find how to do it here). Let me know if you need help.


As you can see with a little effort and a strategic approach you could really find and make your clients daydream. Isn’t that worth a little investment of your time? How are you engaging your clients on Instagram?


Special thanks to Kate Haberbusch from Homepolish, Cèlia Izquierdo and Marc Corominas from Antic & Chic and Carmen Trueba from Von Trueba for their invaluable help.

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