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How to create consistency on Instagram

How to create consistency on Instagram

In business consistency builds trust and trust means business. This affirmation is general knowledge in business practice. And it should be applied “consistently” in everything related to your brand, including social media that is your shop’s window to the world.

How are you communicating your brand on Instagram? Are you consistent?

“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time”.
The Boss Bruce Springsteen

How do you support consistency in social media?

There are three good practices every social media expert will advice you to follow:

1. Use the same name or handle across different platforms


And clearly it is something you should do, making it easy for your followers to find and remember you.

Think that although Google will probably help in finding you, on Instagram where the search function does not have the same information that Google manages, it means people looking for you won’t find you. Making it easy for your followers to remember your handle will mean they will be able to come across your account.

Tip. If your brand’s name is taken find a way around by adding ‘official’ or your country acronym at the end of your name. Anything you add should be added at the end to help in the search function.

2. Use the same profile picture and a bio with the same consistent message

Not all the profile bios across platforms allow you the same length, but you get the idea. The message should be the consistent in all of them.

Tip. For your profile picture choose a good resolution picture and be sure the round window Instagram applies does not crop it. For your bio think what your brand makes possible in the life of your clients to craft a message around it. Invite your niche to follow you.

3. There’s also agreement about creating consistency by posting at the same times during the day

Tip. Find out the best times to post on Iconosquare, a free website with statistics about your account. Post videos out of the working hours of your audience.

There is a more fine consistency though, the one that will make your followers stay.

4. The one you apply consistently in your photos and videos

They should have a recognisable look aligned with your brand’s personality. You achieve it by:

• using the same filters and your brand’s colours in your posts
• using frames in non square photos
• using the same background
• repeating themes or products

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 09.53.35
Jessie’s Black beautiful feed


5. The one expressed consistency in the tone and personality of your brand’s voice

I covered this point in a previous post.

6. And more important in the content you share with your audience

It is not only about your message. Are you consistently inspiring your potential clients? Are you answering their questions about your products and services?

Is your brand consistent in all these points? Please leave a comment if you struggle in any of those or need some ideas.


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