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Emoji Hashtags, the New Visual Language and how to be fluent in it

Emoji Hashtags, the New Visual Language and how to be fluent in it

Not long ago I mentioned in this blog that it seemed Instagram wants to delight and surprise us with updates and new features every month. Well, it is a fact. On the 27th of April Instagram announced the introduction of three new filters and, please play attention, emoji hashtags.


For many this new feature would seem irrelevant. For those of us who are closely following the moves of the platform confirms the interest of Instagram and Facebook to boost the use of the new visual language by providing more tools to color its “grammar”.

Do you know what I am talking about? The new visual language is what the study “Growing Up in a Visual World” commissioned by Facebook IQ describes as a visual way of communication, made up of photos, emojis, stickers and videos.


What can your brand do to speak the visual language that Instagram and Facebook want us to express in? What can you do to communicate in the universal language that teens and young adults are already mastering? Instagram with its photos, videos and new features makes it easier than ever.


 1. You need consistently good pictures

“Instagrammers appreciate aesthetic quality in visual content.”

But do not panic. I already explained you do not need to be a professional photographer to take decent photos. That’s the beauty of Instagram. If you need some direction please check how to take good pictures, you can later enhance with Instagram’s filters and creative tools that will help you to enrich your visual language and make your content stands out.

The next step is to think in your feed as a whole, a beautiful mosaic. Do your pictures make sense to your feed as a piece? Do they represent your personality?

You need to achieve a personal style and think about the next media you are going to post. It will help you to visually achieve consistency.


Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.01.09


This account perfectly illustrates how to strike consistency while transitioning from one color to another. I use it all the time to show my clients what it means to plan their content as whole. It is a fun exercise that makes you think beforehand and strategically. Both things are good for your brand’s account. Please take a look to this feed and scroll down to see what I mean.


2. Your content needs to tell a story

Your brands story, to be more precise, the story of what your brand makes possible for your clients. Make your visual story about your clients and followers.

“Instagrammers will often make the effort to transform the banal into a thing of beauty.”

I love to use examples from not big companies. But no one can illustrate this point better than Burberry that has consistently showcased its “Britishness” (while making it so cool) in its pictures and videos of London.


3. Create conversations while building community

Ask your followers/clients to communicate in that new universal language of visuals with you. Showing what your brand represents to them. Ask them to participate in your community. A new visual language asks for practice: communication. Ask questions; give a voice to your niche.

Here’s a perfect example offered by one of my favorite accounts on IG Frank Body. They really excel on how they build community and inspire their niche. Their frisky and sometimes naughty personality plays around in every piece of content they post. In the last weeks they ran a contest to take one of its clients to Paris. The contest had a huge participation and their followers were really engaged on the contest content. And then, when the contest was over, they executed the perfect strategy. For those who didn’t get lucky with the draw Frank Body offers another opportunity to win another trip to Paris.


Please notice the picture, the caption and the comments. Brownie points perfection!


Are you ready to communicate in this fun and so inspiring universal language?


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