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Sisi&Co Paula Arredondo

You are aware that your business needs to be where your clients are and to meet them where they are you opened your business account on Instagram.

You love  its stunning aesthetics and vibrant community and everyday you spend some time creating your media but your followers don’t stick with you. You are not sure if the time and resources you are putting  on Instagram are suited to find your raving community of fans and clients. You wonder about the content that can convert your followers into clients and engage your community.

Fear not, there is a strategy to find them, the one that inserts your business goals, brand’s personality and message at its center so you know that the steps you are taking can really get you the results you want. It’s a strategy that makes your personality shine to attract your people, gives you the right content to make them thrill and shows you how to measure the results you want. It gives you focus and direction while saving you time.

I’m Paula Arredondo and I work with small business and entrepreneurs to create that social media strategy. Fourteen years of experience as business consultant in innovative projects has given me the knowledge and experience to understand what is needed to be successful in business and the tools to make it happen for your business too.

While others might be giving you the same strategies they are offering to everyone, I’ll teach you how to find yours. How to focus on the activities that really matter to your business. How to create an image and personality that it’s true to you, making you shine.


These strategies are not only for Instagram, they can be applied to everything your business do while lowering the cost of customer acquisition. Sí sí!


Contact us for speaking, interviews or media opportunities at info@sisiandco.com

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